BAM! was founded on the idea that everyone should be able to have high-quality furniture in their homes at affordable prices. Selling our products on various platforms with great success; We realised that by creating our website and using trusted courier services, we could sell our products at even more affordable prices, while eliminating delivery fees. Some would say we are crazy, but for us, crazy can make a difference. We do not want to compromise on quality or break our clients’ banks.


Flexibility, transparency and simplicity are some of the ideals the BAM! brand live by. We understand everyone is different and people have their own preferences for where and how they prefer to shop, this is why, we endeavor to make our products available on as many store fronts as possible to allow customers the freedom of choice when purchasing BAM! products. Check out some of the more popular platforms below!

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Factory Fault: 
Incorrectly drilled components, incorrect component size, scratches or damages to components.

Damaged Components:
Any damage to components, this includes factory faults, transport damages and poor workmanship.

Missing Components & Hardware:
Any missing components or hardware required to complete the assembly of your product.

Poor Workmanship:
Damaged surfaces prior to receipt, delamination of edging, peeling of paint or any damage to the board prior to receipt.

Damaged or Incorrect Hardware:
Incorrect or damaged hardware that prevent you from completing the assembly of the product.

14 Day Return Policy:

  • If upon receiving the product with any of the definitions mentioned above present, we will at no cost to you, replace the required hardware and or missing components or hardware in order for you to complete your assembly of the product. Upon receiving such a request, the components or hardware will be prepared the same day and shipped to the customer at the next daily courier collection.
  • If the product is in a state where components or hardware cannot be replaced to remedy the issue, we will after evaluation, exchange the product free of charge and provide you with a new replacement product. We will carry all costs involved and ensure this happens in a timely manner.
  • If the product needs to be returned due to a mistake not made by BAM!, (Product doesn’t fit your space, incorrect assembly, damages caused by the customer, changed your mind etc.) BAM! Will arrange collection of the product and after evaluation of the product process a full refund of the product, minus any courier costs associated with returning the product back to BAM! You can also ask for in store credit if you wish to buy another product instead.
  • When returning the product, the product with all its original contents needs to be repackaged in
  • in its original packaging; otherwise we reserve the right to decline a full refund.

12 Month Extended Warranty:

  • The extended warranties cover any fault in design, poor workmanship relating to delamination of edging or overall build quality.
  • In such a case, BAM! Will arrange collection of the damaged product and after evaluating the condition of the product, exchange the product or offer a full refund to the customer.
  • If it is deemed the product was damaged due to customer negligence, BAM! Will return the item to the customer after courier charges have been settled.


Q: When do I get my product?

A: All products advertised are kept in stock and will the day after the order has been placed be prepared and shipped to your chosen delivery address. Depending on your location, the courier service can take up to 4 days to deliver the product.

Q: Is the product locally manufactured or imported?

A: We’re a proud local manufacturer and save for some hardware items required for the products, all products are designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Q: I’ve received the incorrect product, what now?

A: Please contact us at your earliest convenience, we’ll make sure to exchange the incorrect item as soon as possible!

Q: Do you offer assembled products?

A: Regretfully not, due to the costs of using a courier company, assembling the products would increase the costs to our customers drastically.

Q: Do you provide services to help assemble the products?

A: Depends on the region you’re situated in, we’re always trying to expand our network of installers, so if you or someone you know is interested, let us know!

Q: I received my product damaged, what should I do?

A: Contact us immediately, we’ll make sure to send you any damaged or missing hardware and components, free of charge.